Video Surveillance

Due to Australian privacy laws, surveillance is quite often the only way to gain answers in investigations. We have specialists in mobile, foot and static surveillance. All operatives have access to the latest in cameras and other technologies necessary for the best result – but more importantly, the experience and training to get the job done. Remember, a picture says a thousand words……..


Fraud is rampant across the world. Fraud is diverse and can take place  at any level of society or any level of an organisation. Typically, investigations are related to internal and external fraud. Internal fraud primarily deals with employee related fraud, whereas external fraud presents itself via channels outside of the business. The apparent link between the two seems to be the existence of circumstances which makes fraud attractive to a particular organisation or circumstance. If you are a victim of fraud, or wish to prevent fraud from happening in the first place, Corporate Investigations can help.

Insurance & Workers Compensation Investigations

All types of surveillance and factual investigations including scrutiny into false claims, Compulsory Third Party investigations, motor accident, arson and liability based inquiries. This is by far the largest area of investigation in Australia.

Often we find that an insurer may not be meeting your expectations in following up on a suspected false claim and the claimant isn’t being investigated because they don’t fit the criteria of the insurer. However, you as the employer know much more about the claimant than the insurer. Contact Corporate Investigations at to discuss your situation and we can formulate a plan into gaining sufficient evidence to get the claimant back to work or out of the company altogether.


Background Checks

Background checks are becoming more and more necessary in this day and age to help protect your business from espionage and internal crime. Carrying out a background check on new employees, business associates, debtors and the competition may be an excellent way to protect your business and make informed decisions. Available sources include, but are not limited to, corporate history, bankruptcy, financial assessments, property, and professional bodies.

Covert Camera

Corporate Investigations can supply and install covert equipment as well as organising approval through the courts if necessary. We have experience in all facets of camera and security equipment including designs for unique situations, installation through licensed professionals and even monitoring services. Technology includes a system, which enables the client to view his premises remotely from anywhere in the world at any time, even on his smart phone.

Criminal Investigations

Are you a victim of crime? Most of our criminal cases are related to the lack of police resources and your need for a serious investigation. Whether it be fraud, internal theft, high level burglary, embezzlement or worse, we have highly experienced operatives such as ex-police to help you. Call Corporate Investigations at any time to talk about the circumstances of your particular case.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) or De-Bugging is the search and location of hidden electronic listening devices or video feeds. This is a highly specialist field with very few true experts. Our technician and computer safety expert heads our team. His many years’ experience guarantees that if a device is within your premises, then he will find it.

Computer and Telephone Investigations

Are you concerned that your IT systems may have been breached? Have you lost information and can’t ascertain how it is happening? Our highly-trained specialist of 17 years experience can go through your entire systems and locate any breaches or vulnerabilities to give you the the security and peace of mind you are looking for.

Telephone Forensics

Do you need to recover data deleted from a telephone handset? In most cases our technician can retrieve all deleted data from a mobile telephone – call lists, SMS messages, emails, almost EVERYTHING. Contact us with your precise requirements and management can advise on your situation further.

Legal Research and Investigations

Barristers and Solicitors always require investigative services in one form or another. Corporate Investigations can help in all matters from criminal investigations, person location, interviews and statements, document service and all types of liability matters. Our clients include some of Australia’s largest and most prestigious law firms.

Interviews, statements, forensics, scientific, liability, intellectual property etc etc etc. If you need an investigation carried out with expertise we have the people.

Undercover Investigations

Corporate Investigations can provide undercover agents for almost all scenarios. Our agents have not always been investigators – they have come from all walks of life and sourcing a specialist investigator you you is our aim. From warehouse workers, to drivers, to retail, to computer specialists, to medical workers. Our staff can fit in just about anywhere.


Asset Checks

We can search for assets of business associates and colleagues, companies and individuals. Make informed decisions for business and litigation purposes.

Internet Investigations

Do you know who is behind an e-mail address or URL? We have the know-how to help you find out. Have you been a victim of an an online hoax, or are having issues with unknown persons defaming or slandering you or your business? Have you been a victim of fraud?  Our experienced researchers are available for hourly hire for any investigations involving the Internet.

Intellectual Property

How safe is your intellectual property? Our experienced agents can protect your patents and copyrights. We have performed these types of investigations for some of the country’s biggest law firms and blue chip companies. From mystery shopping to surveillance to deep undercover – our investigators are ready to assist.