Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY – Corporate Investigations


Personal Information

Corporate Investigations clients provide us with personal information for the purpose of surveillance investigations, private investigations, security consultancy, and other related investigative work such as, but not limited to skip tracing, missing person investigations, infidelity investigations, criminal defense investigations, CCTV Installations and Security Risk Assessments.

Personal information is kept and stored securely whilst an investigation is considered ‘live’ or currently running.

We do, however, destroy all personal information relating to surveillance or factually based investigations after the completion of an assignment conducted for the client after which time we do not retain private data on any of our clients or third parties or any other person.

Prior to any investigation commencing, the senior leadership team within Corporate Investigations conducts a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) on the Subject person or organisation to ensure that a lawful basis exists for an investigation and to what extent investigations should be carried out.

Any information, personal or otherwise that is obtained as a result of an investigation and required for the court will be provided to the necessary authority when requested by way of Subpoena, Warrant or other formal Court Action, this will include but is not limited to, video, audio, notes, emails, transactions, and investigations reports and statements.

We require all clients to advise us in advance if this is to be a likely outcome so as to ensure this information can be passed to the relevant authority when required in a timely manner and to ensure the information is released to the appropriate person/investigator from the authority overseeing the investigation.

We do not use any private information for marketing and do not provide it to any third party.

  • Corporate Investigations safeguards any/all information our clients share with us, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality.
  • Corporate Investigations limits the use of your information to the minimum we require to deliver you the service being paid for and to administer our business.
  • Corporate Investigations will not reveal your information to any external organisation unless we have your authorization to do so, or are required by law, or an investigation is commenced by the law enforcement to which Integral Investigations and any of its staff or associates are witnesses to this investigation and are compelled by the ‘said’ law enforcement agency to assist in that said investigation.
  • Corporate Investigations will always maintain control over the confidentiality of information pertaining to others and does not seek to retain the information any longer than is required.
  • Corporate Investigations will continuously assess itself, and it’s operations to ensure that customer privacy is respected, and that the privacy policy meets standards, please see ‘Policy Review’.


We do not retain customer credit card information after full payment for products or services has been completed. We use third party payment gateways such as PayPal and NAB Transact who also comply with laws relating to the use and storage of credit card information.

Website Tracking

When you visit our website, we may track information about your usage and visit, and store that information on web server logs, which are records of the activities on our site. Our servers automatically capture and save the information electronically.

The information we collect in usage or web server logs helps us administer the product and site, analyse its usage, protect the product and/or website and its content from inappropriate use, and improve the user’s experience.

Third Party Services

We use analytics tools provided by Google. The data collected enables us to understand visitor activity and how we may improve our products or website. The data that is collected does not enable any user or visitor to be personally identified.

Policy Review

The privacy policy of Corporate Investigations is reviewed annually to ensure it meets the needs and expectations of both clients and third parties engaging Corporate Investigations, or those subject to investigations by Corporate Investigations. The policy is reviewed against any regulatory changes that are made in accordance with NSW and Queensland regulators or Federal Regulators should it apply to the operations of Corporate Investigations.

 Policy Disclosure

This policy is provided to all clients that engage in Corporate Investigations.

Any third party who wishes to view the policy, must apply in writing to the owner/director of Corporate Investigations Group to ensure disclosure is being made to an appropriate person/s or organisation and that a conflict for any reason does not exist in the disclosure of the policy which would jeopardise an investigation or possibly disclose a client to which a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Exists.