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Corporate Investigations in Australia

At National Corporate & Business Investigations, we specialize in helping corporations, businesses, lawyers, and government offices get real results from professional corporate investigations.

When you want to conduct a professional corporate investigation with discretion, there’s no better choice than NCBI. Not only will you receive the information and evidence you need, but your company will be able to move confidently towards the next step, which means no more second-guessing and no more fear.

As specialists in investigative and surveillance services, NCBI provides you with the utmost in professionalism and confidentiality. No matter the size of your company or the corporate investigation services you need, our team treats you with the dedication and thoroughness you need.

  • We will NEVER advertise who are clients are
  • We will NEVER publish case studies
  • We will NEVER discuss your investigations with anyone else
  • We will NEVER make public any information about your company or the assignments we carry out

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Highly Trained, Exceptionally Qualified

Our team of specialists are all trained specifically in the investigation industry and are licensed through the police services within the NSW Government. Each team member carries the relevant qualifications for their chosen field and has undergone strict criminal and identity checks so that we can ensure our clients that they are receiving the best, most trusted services possible. Some agents also hold degrees in their field of expertise, including Criminology, Law, and Medicine.


Corporate Investigations – Two Decades of Experience

Having been established for 20 years, NCBI is truly the leader in all areas of corporate and business investigations. Over the years, we’ve learned how to deliver professionalism, discretion, and integrity to each and every one of our clients. And, most importantly, this level of excellence also delivers real results — results that our competition can’t match.


Centrally Located, Globally Connected

NCBI operatives and specialists are positioned throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, as well as strategic areas around the region and Australia. But, although we are based in Australia, our global connections with overseas firms elevate our investigations so that we can provide our clients with an international scope of evidence.


Full Spectrum Corporate Investigation Services

NCBI will tailor our selection of services to meet your company’s unique needs. Some of our most popular investigative services include:

  • Surveillance
  • Locate persons
  • Background checks
  • Database searches
  • Employment based investigations
  • Fraud based investigations
  • Forensic computer and telephone checks

To view our full list of investigative services, click here.

When you want to see results from a professional investigation, we’re the ones to turn to for the highest level of corporate investigations and surveillance services.




Why Work With Us


The Leader in Corporate Investigations in Australia

National Corporate & Business Investigations (NCBI) has been a trusted source for investigations and surveillance in Australia for nearly 20 years. As the corporate arm of companies leading in the field of Private Investigation, NCBI has a reputation for delivering professionalism, discretion and integrity to each client, whether a small business, a large corporation, law firm or government department.

Centrally located in the Sydney CBD, with a manned office on the Gold Coast servicing Brisbane and surrounds, NCBI’s operatives and specialists are capable of offering services throughout all of Australia. Affiliated with many oversea firms, we are also able to provide an international scope to all of our investigations, allowing us to dive deeper and see more of the broader picture. Our close affiliates can be found in London, New York, Florida, Texas, Dubai, Hong Kong and Auckland.

Our teams of specialists are all highly trained within the investigation industry, each expert bringing their own unique skill-set and experience in order to better serve you and your needs. Because of our talented teams, we’re able to offer a wide spectrum of professional corporate investigations and surveillance services, tailoring our unique approach for each of our client’s in order to yield the best and most thorough results. You’ll find that several of our agents at NCBI have degrees in their area of expertise, including:

  • Criminology
  • Law
  • Medicine

We also go above and beyond to have every member of the NCBI staff be licensed through the police service at the NSW Government. This ensures that each person at NCBI has undergone the strictest criminal and identity checks. Each team member also holds, at bare minimum, the Certificate III in Investigative Services recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Discretion is of utmost importance to us at NCBI, which is why we will NEVER advertise who our clients are, or publish case studies. We will also NEVER publish, discuss or make public any information about you or the assignments we carry out. we’d love to be able to provide a list of names of previous clients but it’s against what we believe in.


Getting Started with NCBI

Getting to know you and your needs is essential to providing you with the right professional services. That’s why we arrange a preliminary consultation with all of our clients, meeting you by appointment at either our own offices or a location of your choice. We understand the sensitivity of many corporate investigations, which is why we accommodate our clients in order to deliver the utmost of discretion and confidentiality. With these COVID times we certainly understand that a face to face meeting about your corporate investigation might not be appropriate so we can also discuss the case on the telephone, via a Zoom meeting or by email.

During this initial consultation, which is always conducted by either the Managing Director or Senior Manager, we’ll assign the appropriate operative and/or team to undertake specific tasks. This not only ensures you’re getting the most qualified team member for the job, but it also provides you with the fastest and most effective methodology. Your point of contact will be the same throughout the investigation, allowing you to receive updates as needed without needing to share information with anyone else.

We are also available for confidential advice prior to commencing your corporate investigation without any obligation or cost.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our professional, highly-trained teams can help you and your business!